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How To Activate Your Powers? 🖲🧬🧚🏼🔮🦉

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"How To Activate Your Powers?" 


For once in all, accept that you have supernatural powers genetically. It is in your DNA, You are part of the UNIVERSE.

Each card will be given a specific channeled message from myself curated from a channeling in my mediation over the three individual cards. After 3 days of meditating on this reading, I allowed myself as an open oracle to receive messages from the Universe regarding gifts you have and to deliver a message of certainly that now is the time for you to learn more about your innate abilities and embrace them as you are an earth angel. 

⚡️⚡️⚡️Channelled Message ⚡️⚡️⚡️

🔮🎱🧝🏽‍♀️I will be connecting with the Universe to discover your gifts, bring awareness to them, and give you a spiritual exercise to active and apply these gifts. Each card will have it’s own spiritual practice and exercise to help you activate and apply these gifts. This includes a candle method aligned with the exact chakra to activate your powers. Each chakra carries a different energy and based not the card you’re drawn to; a spiritual exercise will be given to you for the application of your gifts. 

Who is this readeing channeled for: 

I channeled messages for a specific group of 111 people who've been desiring to have a breakthrough of awareness with their gifts and are inspired to use these gifts in their practical lives and master their spiritual powers to service others. 

  • So you've been hearing that you have spiritual gifts but have no idea how to use them here on EARTH. 
  • You've been given these gifts as a way to service Earth for the light, for the good. But you must know more about WHAT you are, WHERE you come from and the awareness of your powers. 
  • These gifts must be used daily to become more familiar with how they work when communication is coming in from outside sources and aligning with our full spiritual potential to service the planet. 

You will know if you feel led in your gut that you have abilities beyond this world but would love more insight on how to ACTIVATE and APPLY them to your life experience on Earth. 

111 earth angels are being called to activate their powers. Are you ready to activate yours?

This is personal reading reflecting on your life purpose and why you've come to Earth. This is a 55 min per deck personalized message to the chosen 111 who desire to know, activate and apply their superpowers.

You will discover in your reading:

  • What spiritual abilities and powers do you have in this lifetime? How to become aware of these powers.
  • have you already activated these powers? if not, what is preventing you from connecting with your powers?
  • How can you apply these powers to your every day Earth experience?
  • How can you use these gifts to exercise the strength and capacity of your powers?
  • Which daily exercise can you activate your powers instantly? Each card is given a channeled color for the candle you can purchase at any convenience or spiritual store. Each card will be given a channeled activated method using candles, colors, chakra aligning, and light spell mantras to open your chakra for the purpose of activating your gift depending on which card you select.

After this reading, you should expect to SEE your gifts reflecting their powers back to you. For once in all, accept that you have supernatural powers genetically. Once again, It is in your DNA, You are part of the UNIVERSE.


*You will have immediate access to all decks!

*Will be removed from the tarot chest at 111 - those who purchase will have access infinitely. 


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How To Activate Your Powers? 🖲🧬🧚🏼🔮🦉

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