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What is Your Financial Frequency 💲💳💰💲💶

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"What is your Financial Frequency? What the Universe owes you based on your frequency. 

The universe is delivering your reality to you based on your frequency. This is determined by, how you feel about money, your thoughts around finances and your past beliefs that you are ridding to embrace the wealthier self. This wealthier version already exists and you communicate and connect with via your imagination. This is why it feels so good to imagine. All is possible, all can happen. Your frequency is determining how much you are attracting. 

⚡️⚡️⚡️Channelled Message ⚡️⚡️⚡️

🔮🎱🧝🏽‍♀️This is a channeled message from your future self regarding your true frequency and destiny around finances. Your Financial frequency is your vibration towards finances. As your wealth consciousness expands, ( you begin to connect with your true desires despite the value ) this grows as you imagine more for yourself. Your frequency changes based on how you feel about finances.  

You will discover in your reading:

  • Your past, present and future financial frequency! What you’ve overcome and what you are currently conquering towards wealth.
  • Insight and the connection to your financial and material desires
  • How your higher self is guiding you towards the financial frequency you’re vibrations in
  • Channelling Actual financial numbers $$$$

After this introduction, you will feel understand your financial frequency and how it is being determined. 

You will have access to all decks!

*Will be removed from the tarot chest at 333 - those who purchase will have access infinitely. 


CARD #1 

Create! Have fun and do what you love because it makes attracting money easier for you. Your desire to have fun and live fearlessly is why your financial frequency is around 5,000,000 to 10,000,000+. 

You have luck so use it. Live like you have 10,000,000 in your account. Would you still do it? If you truly enjoyed it YES. Keep doing THAT.

NO? Then stop doing THAT.

You are meant to align with a financial frequency that feels like you are working smarter and not harder. You have expertise and wisdom that you are overlooking. I see you connecting with people soon who are aligned with a frequency of wealth through investments. All of your favorite things in this world are keys to the financial frequency that will bring you success. 

Your financial frequency - To feel the feeling of not being worried about money, needs, or financial concerns. This is the reality you’re shifting to and it may feel uncomfortable initially. You’re expanding to receiving more while doing less.

Past - overcoming the feeling of greed, what you're allowed to have, or what you have to do to get it. You’re used to working overtime for more money. A systematical approach. Justifying why you have what you have.  

Present - You may be currently trying to figure out how you will make this happen. This will happen by chance, meeting fated / the right people and being in the right place at the right time. And only the Universe can align this. Your gratitude allows this to happen soon. Embracing a wealth of money by doing nothing. Feeling good about receiving a lot of money because you just are aligned with what feels good.  

Future - Your higher is guiding you towards a financial frequency that brings more than enough through just putting your finances in the “right place.” You will invest where your heart and joy are. This success will be instant. You share what you enjoy will bring more finances. Allow yourself to be led to wealth that is already created. 

Your wealth is derived from what your soul is connected to. You’re adaptable and are great at many things however what you enjoy and love to watch, be around, or talk about is where your wealth lies. Your desire to want to give is why you’re abundant. You have good luck, use it. 

Stop focusing on making it happen. You’ve already made it. Now what would you do? That is the reality that you are shifting into. 

CARD # 2 

“ Work smarter not harder “ it’s not about the money, it's about freedom. Experience and exploration are why your wealth is expanded. 

The Universe is delivering your blessings and is just like Amazon. You will not know how it’s being delivered be open to how they’re delivered this is not for you to figure out this may be causing you exhaustion. I assure you there’s not much work to do. If you knew you would create something that would change the industry or the world, what would your life look like? This life is connected to wealth and the very desire for this life is why you are worth so much. 

Your financial frequency - You have a wealth of time and are providing people more time through your convenience. It’s not always about business or money. This is about freedom. Having the free time to enjoy life while not always working. 

Past - Removing obligations so you can have more time. You’ve been trying tirelessly to make your business or career success and still, you feel it is not expansive enough. This is because what you truly want is freedom and the feeling of plenty of time. Overcoming letting your mind take the wheel rather than your awareness of the reality you’re connected to. 

Present - Utilizing technology to assist you with allowing more time to come into your life. Choosing the path that you have no control over. Overcoming the fears of changing your mindsets. Adopting what’s easy and natural for you. So much so you can do it all the time. You’re receiving insights about your life and the finances are just attached to your desire for experiencing more. Your greatest version is being revealed then you will understand why this wealth is owed to you.

Future - You have people working for you, which is allowing you more time. Sparing time by not having to try so many ventures before finding the one. You have a niche that will bring you wealth. You have millions you will receive for your desire to experience crazy adventures and experiences. If you didn’t have these desires there would be no finances required. It all expands your wealth consciousness. 

It’s destined so be aware of this destiny. Nothing is too “big.” It’s all the same energy. 

Your wealth frequency is coming from your brilliance. It’s tied to your desired experiences. The more experiences you desire to have expands your wealth frequency. When you feel like you would like more time, you recited ideas and conclusions about how this will happen. Because your appetite for life is so expansive, you travel exploring, seminars, and all these desires expand your financial frequency. How much is owed to you?

 Your desire for more time expands your wealth consciousness. 

Your dreams will show you why you’re abundant. 

Deck #3

Your desire to help and give to people is why you will make so much money and why your French is high. You're centered around inspiration, a light pathway, and a giving heart is why you are connected to billions. Do what you love, share what you love, and receive love. Money is love. Money is the freedom it allows you to be you. It is not necessary to be you, and this is why being you will bring you success. 

Your inspiration is the key to your success. You will reach billions therefore connected to billions this number should not scare you. When it feels as good and easy as $1, this is how you will know you’re getting closer. The “bigness” is making this number seem so far away. It is no different than $1 other than how YOU feel behind it. connect with the billionaire you. if you SEE, you are helping and giving to so many so it makes sense for you to be connected to this amount. If you are ever in lack, you are not sharing! Share! It dented matter how you share, share! Our desires give us clues to how abundant we are. You desire the big house because of your heart to share with others. 

You will help billions therefore you will be worth billions. Your brand has the potential of billions. Trademarks brands. You are a fountain of abundance. No career will fit you, you are the career :). 

 Past -detaching quickly from what brings you a low frequency. giving but still being in lack you are overcoming this by attracting more by giving. This is possible.  

Present - never stop giving, just change who you're giving to. Your desire to give is why your house is meant to be so big. Slow down there is no rush because it's already destined all you are doing is claiming it. You have foresight, this is worth billions. Who would pay to know what happens? many.  

Future- living your inspired life is why you will be wealthy. Your inspiration inspires others to give. You living this life is why you are wealthy. It's worth this much. You living your dream life is allowing your frequency to be so high. You’re in love with a career that you didn’t even think was a career. You're remembering who you are. You carry the frequency of a billionaire. You will be connected to those that have billions making you the same. You have a wealth of clarity, insight, joy, or light to carry into the world. Being joyous seems rare imagine the value. You’re in love with this character in this reality named “you.” Your SELF is worth a lot. You will be in loved and obsessed with this self. Health is wealth how you feel about yourself is determined by your frequency at that moment. 

You are getting paid to live your authentic life because you are sharing it with the world. Whatever you share with the world, you are receiving from the universe. you will desire a big home maybe vacation homes is why billions are owed. entertaining Food may be joyous to you. 

You may start learning about banks that can hold the amount of money you’re owed via frequency. You have an equivalent gift that matches your financial frequency, your light is an unlimited black card. 

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What is Your Financial Frequency 💲💳💰💲💶

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