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Secret Love Messages From The Person On Your Mind


"Secret Love Messages From The Person on Your Mind”

*Will be taking off the tarot chest after 222 - those who purchase will have access as long as this site is live

This reading is all about the person in your energy field that you are curious about knowing their secret messages to you 👩🏼‍❤️‍👨🏼❤️👫👭🏽👬🏽

*Watch trailer for preview


Higher self messages regarding this connection, what is blocking it from coming together, and how they truly feel about you. Tarot Priest will be channeling direct messages from this person, hoping to give you the clarity about the person on your mind that you are asking about! 

  • We will be pulling text messages directly from them and communicating with their higher self.


What secret messages do they have for you?

What would they say to you if they could?

How do they truly feel about you?

What is hindering this connection from coming into the union?


🎱Love & Light #Tarottribe🎱

🃏Close up of decks: 1:11 🃏

Deck 1 → 2:16

Deck 2 → 28:50

Deck 3 → 55:25

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Secret Love Messages From The Person On Your Mind

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