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Remove Blocks & Receive Blessings 🫀🦁🚧🌳🐬🔮🕊

The Tarot Priest


"Remove Blocks and Receive Your Blessings" 

The Universe can detect what belongs to WHO by the vibration of those who are already celebrating winning, have won. The same with all of your blessings. You tell the universe they belong to you by how you FEEL. Your vibration determines this. 

🔮The truth is, YOU ARE ALREADY MANIFESTING but if you feel they are not here yet, you're pushing them away, overlooking or blocking them.

⚡️Blessings are always arriving, but are you receiving them? 

If all you have to do is receive this, the only prevention is feeling unworthy and this creates a vibration resisting all the desires you have in your heart. In order to receive your blessings, you must feel worthy. If you do not feel worthy of what you desire, how can you receive it? Even if it appears you've manifested the perfect person, house, or career, you must feel worthy in order to claim, receive and keep. This means saying ok, " this is my career, this is my person, this is the freedom I'm meant to live”. 

How else will you receive it? and know it to be yours and true? You must shift into the new you, with the renewed mindset that already knows that your desires belongs to you simply because they feel good.

Becoming free of pain, hurt, trauma, past experiences and this is possible without having to dig into all of the trauma of your old self. The healed self is already living in a healthy reality, sound and free of pain, hurt or harm.

🫀The unhealed version of you will be revealed to show you how it could be preventing you from receiving your desires. If you believe you have to "heal" yourself, you will spend countless hours and concerns trying to fix a version of you that is no longer who you are. This old verison of yourself is the energy source that is currently attracting the life you're now experiencing. This message is meant to reveled the difference in vibration of the unhealed vs healed version of you so that you can receive what it is you’re asking for and instead of doing shadow work, countless hours of healing therapy to heal and shuffling through information looking for the alignment of truth, there is a version of you that is already healed and you are simply shifting into this version. But how can you shift into this person if you are unfamiliar with this version of you? The version that is healed without triggers and is free to fly completely without self-sabotage or past traumas infiltrating your life. 

Nothing is wrong with you. And if you think so, this is the unhealed version of you coming through. Once we identify this with clarity, you will feel better to tune yourself to a more aligned feeling. You are perfect. You are healed and whole. But can you see this version fo you? In this reading, I will channeled this version of you and help you to connect and see your WHOLE SELF. > Skip the "Shadow Work" and access the version of yourself that feels healed, happy, whole and fulfilled. 


⚡️⚡️⚡️Channelled Message ⚡️⚡️⚡️

At the end of each deck I will be scribbling a letter and channeled message directly from the version of you that is already healed. This healed version of you has written you a letter and you will see me channel this message uniquely for each deck.

❤️‍🔥You will discover in your reading:

What life is the healed version of you living? What type of friends do you have? What career are you serving your time in? Are you in a relationship? 

  • What is occurring in your energy that is preventing more happiness, joy, freedom and peace in your life?
  • What beliefs and thoughts are preventing you from shifting into the version of you that feels whole and worthy of your blessings
  • What life is the healed version of you living? What type of friends do you have? What career are you serving your time in? Are you in a relationship? 
  • How is your body being affected by the unhealed version of you? Physically looking at your health.
  • Which chakras are out of balance and how to align to with the healed version of you
  • A channeled letter from your healed, happy and healthy self

🕊After this reading, you should feel like you know what your healed version feels like and are encouraged to feel the love that is entering your life. You should feel connected to the version of you that feels deeply that you deserve what you’re asking for without conditions. Meaning there’s nothin you have to do to receive this other than feel whole and worthy of obtaining it. Your past belongs to the old you and the new life beings to the whole you. The healed you. 


*You will have immediate access to all decks!

*Will be removed from the tarot chest at 100 - those who purchase will have access infinitely. 


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Remove Blocks & Receive Blessings 🫀🦁🚧🌳🐬🔮🕊

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